• What are the characteristics of CONFERO?

    As a blockchain for enterprises, it has the world's fastest transaction processing capacity, yet it is sufficiently secure and serves as a basis for proving the authenticity of transactions. The biggest feature of the CONFERO blockchain is that it is possible to define a transaction format optimized for any business logic through a mechanism called "BTM". Using this feature, a sub-chain is configured for each business logic and functions. By branching by business, you can maintain clearly organized evidence for each business. This mechanism realizes a smart contract with a low learning cost that can be defined in a template format compared to other blockchain platforms. In addition, due to the existence of interlock chains, it has expandability that enables connections between consortium block chains with different business customs operated by different industries.
  • What is an inter-blockchain?

    It is a blockchain (public blockchain) that plays the role of an interchange to realize information exchange beyond the consortium blockchain (private blockchain), which is composed of different business logic groups (business customs). When you want to exchange information with other different consortium blockchains, you can safely exchange the information by arranging the exchange information and setting the access authority through the inter-blockchain. A node that intends to place AC information on the inter-blockchain can be used by paying CONFERO's main coin "CFC" in a transaction to be posted to CONFERO's inter-blockchain.
  • What is BTM(Original Function System by CONFERO)?

    Abbreviation for Blockchain Transaction Manager, which works as a preprocessor in CONFERO's blockchain network. The format of the transaction that can be posted to the CONFERO blockchain can be freely defined, but it is doubtful by evaluating the validity of the format at the entrance and selecting the blockchain to connect to, learning the behavior at the time of transaction posting, and so on. By detecting the behavior and blocking it, the security of the network is ensured and it also contributes to stable and high-speed processing of transactions.